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Pete & Lenny’s – a Landmark Discoteque in Fort Lauderdale

December 19, 2011

Pete & Lenny’s was a legendary club by all description. Opening in 1973, this gorgeous three-level night club was definitely the IT place to go.  Lenny Boyar owned that club along with Pete Boinis. It was one of the first truly evolved discoteques in the country.

Starting in 1977 a television show called Disco 77 was filmed there, giving the club massive exposure in over 70 countries.  And another nationally broadcast show, Disco Magic, was taped there. Considering that local television in those days was limited to 3 network channels and one public television channel, the place gained a tremendous amount of national visibility.

This was a super star club featuring headliners of the day such as The Village People, Vicky Sue Robinson, Tavares, Donna Summer, Odyssey, Al Green and many more. Ecstasy was their main cover band and played there for years.

Pete Boinis’ brother, John Boinis, eventually opened Christopher’s in Fort Lauderdale in 1977.

Pete & Lenny’s was located at 2680 E Commercial Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Years in Operation – 1973-1988

Featured DJs – Barbara London and DJ Damian (1983-1988)

Pete & Lenny's Disco in Fort Lauderdale

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